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2022 National Health Care Governance Survey Report, eBook

The AHA’s 2022 National Health Care Governance Survey report describes board structures, practices and focus that are continuing to transition in the changing environment.

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AHA Guide® 2021 Edition, PDF Format

This digital format of the 2021 edition of the AHA Guide provides comprehensive, accurate information on 6,500 hospitals and 400-plus health care systems.

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AONL Online Competencies - Individual 180 Assessment

Engage a trusted colleague to provide input on your strengths and areas of improvement.

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AONL Online Competencies - Self Assessment

Evaluate your skills and discover opportunities to grow as a nurse leader.

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Boardroom 101: Key Strategies and Practical Tools for Orienting New Board Members, eBook Format

This resource provides information and guidance, including sample agendas and questions for board members to consider as they learn about health care, their hospital and/or health system, and board responsibilities. Digital Format

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Hospital Mergers: Why They Work, Why They Don't

Identifies the core lessons and practical ideas learned from dozens of real-world merger experiences and applies them to the strategic and operational challenges facing execs. Now 50% Off - Originally $72 Now only $36

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Owning Medical Practices: Best Practices for Sustainable Results

Guides hospital executives whose organizations currently own medical practices and employ primary care and specialty physicians, plus those looking to expand their business. Now 50% Off - Originally $76 Now Only $38

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TeamSTEPPS Pocket Guide by AHA Team Training

This spiral bound handy pocket guide serves as a quick reference to TeamSTEPPS tools and principles. This item is sold in packages of 10.

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Wayfinding for Health Care: Best Practices for Today's Facilities

Exclusively covers wayfinding at health care facilities. It can help executive and department level management plan, develop and implement programs. Now 50% off - Originally $89 Now only $44.50

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What Boards Should Know About Cybersecurity, eBook Format (1 to 50 Users)

As cybersecurity issues continue to occur more frequently, hospitals and health systems must have plans and precautions in place.

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