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Gearing Up for Population Health: Marketing for Change (PDF)

Gearing Up for Population Health: Marketing for Change (PDF)

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AHA Hospital Statistics™, 2020 ed., Book Format

Comprehensive reference source for analysis/comparison of hospital trends in U.S. community hospitals. Contains historical trends in utilization, personnel, & finances for selected years 1946-2018. Available January 31, 2020

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Modernization Strategies for Essential Electrical Systems in Health Care Facilities

This monograph discusses why prioritizing the strategic modernization of the essential electrical systems in health care facilities is an effective solution for regulatory compliance and continuation of life safety and provides strategies for updating aging infrastructure.

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ASHHRA On-Demand Conference Session: Developing Physician Leaders Through Executive Coaching: Impact and Challenges

A changing health care environment requires physician leaders to lead change through uncertain settings. Leading an environment that demands strong leadership identity with a strategic mindset and interpersonal skills can be a daunting task.

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AONL Webinar OnDemand: A Paradigm to End the RN Revolving Door

Harnessing the strengths of nurses empowers them to transform an organization’s environment, outcomes and culture. This presentation will discuss the drastic change in outcomes surrounding the recruitment and retention of empowered bedside nurses. Interviews of new graduate RNs were transformed to a transparent depiction of the work to be done and a vision of how that RN could build nursing excellence in the organization. Recognizing the enthusiasm of the bedside nurse to learn more, get involved, and participate in change required changing pre-requisites for classes and roles that previously focused on years of experience or education levels. This organization decreased its turnover from over 25% to 7%. Performance on nurse engagement surveys in the recent 6 years has outperformed benchmarks in all categories, while over 40% of RNs are under 3 years of experience. Engaging this workforce was essential to the Magnet journey at this organization. Engaging and appreciating the RNs while at the bedside can initiate vast differences in perceptions of RN effectiveness and a nurse’s enjoyment in their career. Knowing they can transform healthcare delivery and initiate culture change from the grass roots promotes retention to the organization.

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AHE Staffing Methodologies and Standards for Healthcare Environmental Services Departments

The Association for the Health Care Environment (AHE) of the American Hospital Association has produced the first health care driven environmental services staffing standards in the industry.

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AONL Online Competencies - Self Assessment

Evaluate your skills and discover opportunities to grow as a nurse leader.

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ASHE Certification: Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker Exam

*DO NOT PURCHASE MULTIPLE QUANTITIES. PLEASE CREATE AN INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT AND COMPLETE AN INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION. ONLY THE COURSE PURCHASER WILL GAIN ACCESS AND ACQUIRE CREDIT FOR COMPLETING THE E-LEARNING PROGRAM. Get ASHE certified and show that you truly understand the complex health care physical environment. ASHE’s certified worker program is unique because it is focused on patient safety and is the only certification of its kind backed by the American Hospital Association. This is certification test only.

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ASHE e-Learning: Health Care Construction Workshop e-Learning Course

Do not purchase multiple quantities. For multiple quantities contact ASHE at ashe@aha.org.

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ASHE e-Learning: Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) Exam Review Course

Do not purchase multiple quantities. For multiple quantities contact ASHE at ashe@aha.org.

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