ASHE On Demand Webinar: Beyond the Basics: Acing Your Joint Commission Survey

Date: Aug 01, 2020 - Aug 31, 2025

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Taylor Vaughn, MBA, CHFM, is a Facility Manager at Children’s Health, overseeing 25 offsite leased facilities as well as system wide Engineering-related regulatory compliance. She is also a Content Writer at Legacy FM, helping to create custom facilities training material for healthcare systems. Taylor has five years of experience within healthcare Engineering with a focus on the Environment of Care.
Clayton Smith, Children’s Health; Carol McCormick, CHI Health 
Simply complying with the Joint Commission Environment of Care standard is the bare minimum for how Facility Managers should care for their hospitals. Go beyond simply complying and ace your survey by excelling in four complex areas. Prepare for the documentation section of your survey, utilize the standards to create a full emergency power program and show compliance with the 96-hour rule, view the current methods for a collaborative, interdisciplinary pressure, temperature, and humidity monitoring process, and create a comprehensive water management program to comply with ASHRAE 188. Creating comprehensive programs within the Environment of Care can show that a facility is managing their equipment well and highlights the hard work that the facilities teams do every day. 
Learning Objectives:
  • Describe how to successfully prepare for and navigate the documentation review portion of a survey.
  • Assess your current emergency power program and identify gaps and areas of improvement areas of improvement. 
  • Explain the correct procedures for monitoring room pressurization, temperature, and humidity in required areas. 
  • Create a comprehensive water management program to combat waterborne pathogens.