ASHE On Demand: An Inside Look at CMS Emergency Preparedness Requirements

Date: Dec 01, 2020 - Dec 31, 2025

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This session will provide you with a better understanding of the CMS requirements for emergency preparedness for electrical power. You will gain inside knowledge into how to avoid citations and how to prepare your facility year-round. In this session, four expert panelists will break down the requirements, tell you what inspectors look for, and share best practices to ensure compliance. Panelists include: Mitzi Amon, Director of Healthcare Marketing at Vertiv; Jason Beers, Senior Operations Manager at JLL Healthcare Solutions and former Joint Commission inspector; Bob Loohauis, Facilities Manager of Aurora Kenosha Medical Center in Wisconsin; and Steve Stuebe, P.E., Resident Engineer at Vertiv’s High Voltage Maintenance Corporation.
 Learning Objectives:
  • Describe and discuss CMS requirements for emergency preparedness.
  • Generate a plan to prepare for an inspection.
  • Identify the top citations and how to avoid them.
  • Apply the testing requirements for emergency preparedness.
  • Jason Beers, JLL Healthcare Solutions
  • Bob Loohauis, Aurora Kenosha Medical Center in Wisconsin
  • Steve Stuebe, High Voltage Maintenance Corporation
  • Gary Dennis, Business Development Director, Healthcare and Insurance, Vertiv