AHE November 2024 CNACC Train-the-Trainer Virtual Program - Orland, FL

Date: Nov 05, 2024 - Nov 07, 2024

This workshop will take place Tue, November 1 - November 3, 2022
Please follow the following steps to ensure materials are shipped and received in a timely fashion and all registration information is completed accurately.
At registration, please use the AHE account of the participant. If you are registering on behalf of someone else, do not do so from your own account – registrations cannot be transferred from one name/account to another.
Mailing Addresses
Please provide the best mailing address for your shipment. For most participants, this will be their home address, but in some cases it may differ. We do not recommend using your facility address unless: 1) you will have access to your facility to pick up your materials prior to the workshop start date, or 2) plan on joining the virtual course from your facility.
PO Boxes - Our shipping provider is FedEx. For this reason, we cannot ship to PO Boxes. Please provide an alternate address if your usual best mailing address is a PO Box.
Technical Requirements
Our workshops are held virtually on the Zoom platform. Please ensure that you have a computer running Windows or MacOS, a webcam, headphones, and a reliable internet connection in order to ensure the best interactive experience. AHE is not responsible for ensuring your compatibility with Zoom and may not be able to provide technical assistance during the workshop.
Registration with payment must be completed 3 weeks out from day 1 of the program to ensure materials can be shipped on time.