SHSMD Education 2020 Credential | Creating a Winning Digital Strategy in a Tradigital World

Date: Jul 13, 2020 - Aug 28, 2020


Creating a Winning Digital Strategy in a “Tradigital” World
SHSMD Credentials 
July 13–August 21, 2020
24/7 Access

SHSMD is excited to offer a new online credential course for our health care marketers and communicators who are looking to develop or refresh their digital strategy using a “tradigital” approach. According to, “Tradigital is the fusion of traditional and digital. When applied to marketing, it effectively means applying traditional principles of marketing and branding to the digital space in order to gain competitive advantage.” Our expert faculty from Greystone.Net and Brown Parker & DeMarinis Advertising (BPD) will share their insights on the current state of digital marketing and emerging technologies. They will then outline a roadmap to help you start or revamp your digital strategy, and provide ways to create effective and scalable content. You will then learn how to share content tactics and activation ideas using a tradigital approach. The course will end with an overview of what’s coming next and how to prepare.

A variety of health care providers will share real world case examples and resources that apply these insights. Guest speakers will include Lannie Byrd, Chief Operating Officer Team SI; Sharon Line Clary, Vice President of Marketing, AdventHealth, and Brian Gresh, President, Loyal.

The course will cover the following four topic modules, which include webinars, case examples, discussion board assignments, and access to a library of additional resources (conference session recordings, templates, white papers, articles, etc.). Completion of all course requirements will result in a SHSMD Credential in Digital Strategy and a digital badge.

Module 1: Building the Foundation of a Successful Contemporary Digital Marketing Program in Health Care
Part 1:
  • Understanding the current state of digital marketing in/out of health care and the major trends impacting marketers
  • Inventory of marketing techniques/technology, how they work together and the importance of an integrated marketing technology
  • Positioning/Aligning staff and other resources to meet new needs
*Webinar: Tuesday, July 13 (1–2 p.m. Central)
Presenters: Kathy Divis, Lannie Byrd

Part 2:
  • Picking a pilot project, setting reasonable goals and selling it to the C-Suite/Speaking CEO language
  • Creating an attribution model and ROI model
  • Selling through your budget
*Webinar: Thursday, July 16  (1–2 p.m. Central)
Presenters: Jason Brown, Sharon Line Clary

Assignment (Week of July 20): Picking your pilot project/use case.

Module 2: Telling Your Story to Drive Results
  • Developing an effective and scalable content strategy
  • Creating a powerful, dynamic messaging matrix
  • Understanding how data analysis is used to guide strategy and content
*Webinar: Thursday, July 23 (1–2:15 p.m. Central)
Presenter: Jason Brown

Week of August 4: Catch up week (no webinar)

Module 3: Activating Your Message Across the Tradigital Landscape
  • Creating a tradigital approach & lead generating digital tactics
  • Understanding the impact of your digital properties on your brand
  • Understanding the ABCs of owned versus paid versus earned media

    Projects DUE this week!
*Webinar: Tuesday, August 11 (1–2 p.m. Central)
Presenter: Jason Brown

Module 4: Preparing for What is Coming Next
  • Exploring the emerging technologies including predictive analytics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence/conversational intelligence
  • Exploring how emerging technologies may impact: budget and staffing, MarTech stack, channels used, and attribution models
*Webinar – Tuesday, August 18 (1–2 p.m. Central)
Presenters: Kathy Divis, Brian Gresh

Week of August 17:  Peer Reviews due

*All live webinars are recorded and available to access 24/7 within the course platform.