ASHE On Demand Webinar: Responsible Facility Authority for Medical Gas Systems

Date: Dec 01, 2020 - Dec 31, 2025

Are you prepared for new requirements regarding the Permit-to-Work system for your medical gas and vacuum systems? The next edition of NFPA 99 requires that a designated on-site responsible facility authority be identified to oversee the operation and management of these critical systems. In addition, the NFAP 99, 2021 edition will expect health care organizations to implement a Permit-to-Work system for the maintenance, repairs, periodic inspections and new construction activities for these systems. This presentation will review the new requirements for identifying the responsible facility authority and the qualifications necessary for this position, as well as an overview of the Permit-to-Work system.

Learning Objectives:
  • Describe the new requirements for identifying a responsible facility authority for the medical gas and vacuum systems.
  • Describe the Permit-to-Work system concept, as well as the all-hazards approach to this system.
  • Review the policies and procedures for a successful Permit-to-Work system.
  • Explain NFPA 99 system category requirements, how to handle compliance findings, risk assessments, and the new inspection requirements for new construction projects.
  • Jonathan Willard, PMP, LEED-AP, Acute Medical Gas Services