SHSMD Education 2024 On-Demand | Marketing & Digital Engagement Track

Date: Jan 08, 2024 - Dec 31, 2024

Access to all recorded Marketing & Digital Engagement sessions from SHSMD Connections 2023. Available Jan 8, 2024 (60 day access period).
The following sessions are included (view descriptions here):

1. (Executive) Overcoming Bias: How to unlock a closed mind?
2. Referral Marketing: A Team-Based Approach in the B2B Space
3. Re-Writing The Playbook: Thriving In An Era of Disruption
4. Brands That Move: Creating breakthrough brands that transform an organization from the inside out
5. Implementing a Care Journey Framework to Improve the Patient Experience
6. (Advanced) How Did We Do It? New Facility, New Market, Shoestring Budget
7. Create a Next Generation User Experience for Potential Employees with Digital Marketing
8. HIPAA, FTC, & State Laws – What you need to know NOW!
9. Can We Just Put The Old One Back?" Sustaining a Consumer-Focused Content Strategy
10. (Executive) Achieve maximum patient engagement through connected care
11. Protecting Your Social Media Team’s Mental Health
12. Our Strategy to Activate Patients with Personalized Experiences Using Consumer & Behavioral Science
13. Reopening the Front Door to Primary Care Using an Omnichannel Digital Approach
14. The Other Side of Patient Acquisition: Driving Patients with B2B and Provider Engagement Strategies
15. Rolling with the Punches - Managing Tough MarCom Budget Decisions During Challenging Times