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ASHHRA On-Demand Study Course: CHHR Bundle

This complete study series reviews the core competencies needed for health care HR leaders. The series discusses the entire HR Leader Model: HR Delivery, Health Care Business Knowledge, People Strategies, Community Citizenship and Personal Leadership.

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ASHHRA On-Demand Study Course: CHHR HR Delivery

Expectations for HR delivery demand effective and high-quality programs and services through the utilization of measurement and analysis.

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ASHHRA On-Demand Webinar: California Labor & Employment Law Update for Human Resources Professionals in the Health Care Field

2018 brought many new developments from California courts and their state legislature. California has a brand new independent contractor test and many new #MeToo related laws that went into effect in January 2019.

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ASHHRA On-Demand Webinar: Do They Love You or Will They Leave You? Addressing Employee Turnover

Employee attrition is an ever challenging topic for the health care field, and a costly one at that. Are you tracking turnover rate and taking action accordingly?

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ASHHRA On-Demand Webinar: How to Build Trust, Strengthen Communication, and Laugh Together from Afar during COVID-19 Crisis

Weeks ago, we were sitting in meetings with coworkers, laughing with peers over lunch, and maybe even gearing up for a big presentation. Now, most of us are either working from home in self- isolation or risking our health and the health of our family when we go to work each day. Few could have predicted or prepared for how much life and work as we knew it would change in a matter of weeks. As we continue working in this new paradigm, it is more important than ever to consciously build and maintain strong relationships with our teams.

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ASHHRA On-Demand Webinar: Millennial Angst - How Organized Labor Has Tapped Into it and What We Can Learn

Labor unions have used emotionally-charged issues to recruit new supporters – particularly from younger generations. New strategies that employ targeted advertising and strategic media placements to Facebook groups and hashtag campaigns are designed to influence a younger and growing demographic.

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Delivering Healthcare to Hispanics: A Manual for Providers 3rd Edition

Health professionals need training in how to work across cultures. Assisting people to change behavior, however, is easier to recommend than to carry out, particularly in the increasingly multicultural settings.

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Delivering Healthcare to Hispanics: Companion Workbook

This workbook has been prepared as a companion guide to Delivering Health Care to Hispanics: A Manual for Providers, 3rd Edition, developed by the National Alliance for Hispanic Health to help healthcare providers.

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