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ASHRM Practical Guidance for Patient Safety Organization Implementation

Practical Guidance for Patient Safety Organization Implementation analyzes PSOs, explores why healthcare organizations should be part of one, and explains how to set up one.

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ASHRM/AHLA Enterprise Risk Management Handbook for Healthcare Entities, Third Edition

Addresses the need for, and implementation of, a comprehensive risk management process and plan that encompasses the entire enterprise and crosses departmental barriers.

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ASHRM/Aon 2020-2021 Hospital and Physician Professional Liability Benchmark Report

2020 marks the 21st edition of the annual medical professional liability (MPL) benchmark report that Aon prepares in partnership with ASHRM. This year’s study is based on the data from 108 participating health care systems which collectively account for 30% of the MPL risk in the country.

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Guidelines for Releasing Patient Information to Law Enforcement

Package of 10 Catalog Item No. 166854

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Health Care Enterprise Risk Management Playbook, 2nd Ed. An ERM Guide for Health Care Professionals, ePub Format

Operationalize Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for your organization, with concepts, strategies and tools for developing a new ERM program or understanding an existing program. This is in eBook format.

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Human Capital in Health Care Organizations Playbook, ePub Format

Human capital is one of the greatest assets to a health care organization. This playbook will serve as a guide to the laws, protections, policies and processes to manage the risks associated with the health care workforce. This publication is in eBook format.

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Owning Medical Practices: Best Practices for Sustainable Results

Guides hospital executives whose organizations currently own medical practices and employ primary care and specialty physicians, plus those looking to expand their business. Now 50% Off - Originally $76 Now Only $38

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Risk Management Handbook for Healthcare Organizations, 3 Volume Set, 6th Edition

The Risk Management Handbook for Healthcare Organizations, 3 volume set, (6th edition) is an indispensable resource for developing and maintaining an effective healthcare risk program.

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USP 800 Monograph and Risk Readiness Check List Bundle

This resource bundle was created to support health care facility professionals and their teams in complying with USP General Chapter <800>. The bundle includes a monograph provided by ASHE and a risk assessment tool provided by ASHRM.

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Wayfinding for Health Care: Best Practices for Today's Facilities

Exclusively covers wayfinding at health care facilities. It can help executive and department level management plan, develop and implement programs. Now 50% off - Originally $89 Now only $44.50

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