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Trustees must know how to create a CEO succession plan, offer competitive compensation without attracting regulatory scrutiny and ensure a stong leadership pipeline to protect their hospital's ability to serve the comunity.
Cornerstones of Transformative Leadership is a digital only product of more than 20 articles and 250 pages, that provides insightful strategies for developing and supporting successful hospital leaders, by focusing on the following core areas:
  • Leadership development - identify core competencies for CEOs of today and tomorrow and the steps necessary for building a solid leadership pipeline.
  • Inspiration and accountability - effectively develop a picture of the ideal CEO and implement ways to evaluate his or her effectiveness.
  • Easing the transition -  learn to develop a solid onboarding process for transitioning CEOs that will foster an environment in which they can succeed.
  • Strategic compensation - dig into the complexities of executive compensation, including ways the board can minimize controversy through transparency and due diligence.
  • Succession planning - gain practical guidance in developing a succession plan, eliminate some of the complexity and awkwardness surrounding the process.
This version is PDF eBook.  In order to access the eBook, Adobe Digital Editions (free downloadable software) must be installed on your computer.