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Several staffing methodologies and models are currently on the market, however none are focused clearly on the unique requirements of health care environmental services professionals. At AHE, a dedicated group of environmental services leaders has undertaken the task to develop a comprehensive staffing methodology that will meet the needs of environmental services leaders. The goal was to develop a clear and measurable process for the staffing of health care environmental services departments.

The Association for the Health Care Environment (AHE) of the American Hospital Association has produced the first health care driven environmental services staffing standards in the industry. The staffing methodology includes metrics derived from actual hospital staffing standards currently in place and practiced in the field, as well as direction from industry experts who have spent their careers in honing the craft of environmental services staffing. The final staffing model is the result of health care facility surveys, statistical analysis and review. AHE believes the staffing standards identified represent the most accurate standards for environmental services in a hospital or health care setting. These standards are based on achieving quality outcomes for the safety of patients, visitors and staff.

Content Areas

  • Study Development

  • Survey Analysis

  • Benchmarks and Standards

  • Building a Facility Inventory

  • Building the Staffing Analysis

  • Combining All Staffing Metrics

  • Non Productive Time

  • Case Studies

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