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On October 13th, Part 1, “The Regulatory Aspects of Infection Prevention and Control: A Value Analysis Perspective”, will review the critical evidence-based standards specific for infection prevention and control that fall within the three common sources of infection transmission, and provide an overview of a standardized approach to evaluation of infection prevention and control products, drugs, and medical devices for the Value Analysis professional.
On October 27th, Part 2, “Applications of Infection Prevention and Control for Supply Chain and Value Analysis Across the Continuum of Care: A Deeper Dive”, will continue the infection prevention education by guiding attendees to lead their organization and meet infection prevention and control regulations and requirements, while reducing the number of HAIs within the system.
Learning Objectives:
•Discuss the role of the EPA and FDA  in the evaluation of products for Healthcare Associated Infections
•Review the current classification of healthcare disinfectants, skins antiseptics, hand hygiene agents, and medical devices with the FDA and EPA
•Discuss the impact of Healthcare Associated Infections on the IHI Triple Aim
•Review an evidence-based approach to product evaluation for infection prevention and control products
•Discuss the use of a standardized tool for product evaluation for infection prevention and control issues in the healthcare setting
•Review the impact of evidence-based guidelines and strategies to incorporate them into the value analysis process
•Discuss a preparedness plan for emergent infectious diseases in the healthcare setting
Dr. Hudson Garrett Jr., Vice President, Clinical Affairs PDI Inc