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Today’s physician faces legal and regulatory issues that could not have been imagined during medical school.

Moreover, many physicians’ practices have become part of hospitals or health systems, which generates new challenges for the risk manager. The paradigm shift from inpatient care to ambulatory care, from caring for the sick
to preventive medicine and population health is creating new risks to both the practitioner and to the organization.

As physicians become employees of health systems, risk managers must be aware of contractual agreements with the new physicians as well as risk management issues in the ambulatory practice.

Medicine’s changing landscape and transitions in care—from hospital to home—bring new risks to both physician offices and healthcare providers who practice medicine.

Exposures associated with these issues must be pragmatically addressed if we are to reach our goal of ensuring safe and trusted healthcare. Although at first the task may seem daunting, it is controllable.
ASHRM Risk Management Pearls: Physician Offices, 3rd Edition, covers a range of strategies aimed at reducing malpractice and business risk assembled from risk management professionals with a keen interest in, and understanding of, physician office practices.
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