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  • Under Accountable Care, health systems are relying on new approaches to more effectively treat diseases to reduce over-diagnosis, over-treatment, and practice variation under cost effective quality care coordinated across the continuum. Further, health systems are actively transforming disparate data into actionable intelligence through a multi-disciplinary effort to understand the total cost per episode of care. Supply chain leaders play a key role in identifying the total supply cost derived from factoring the gambit of discounts emanating from complex contracts that include tiers, rebates, capitated and construct pricing. This presentation will provide the lessons learned and the challenges of properly representing supply costs under total care.
Learning Objectives:
  • Define Accountable Care delivery and payment models
  • Review approaches for transforming disparate care data into information
  • Outline lessons learned, challenges and strategies for linking supply costs to care costs
  • Discuss how CQO provides healthcare supply chain professions with a holistic approach to challenges associated with Accountable Care.
  • Mary Beth Lang
CPEs: 1