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Empowering stakeholders, both physicians and staff, to understand how their choices impact patient costs often has immediate influence on a change in practice within the operating room. Surgical Pricing Reduction Initiative and New Growth (SPRING) is a project with achieved savings of over $15 million in 2013 and a goal of $25 million in 2014 throughout a 22-facility system. Achieving savings occur by developing the right resources: reports, dashboards, an enhanced doctor preference card update process, and culture change. The elements of SPRING can be successfully implemented in any size facility.
Learning Objectives:
•Determine key data points and procedure inclusion criteria in order to establish meaningful and accurate cost/case data
•Describe the process of developing a program that provides staff and surgeons with supply cost information.
•Identify strategies for creating culture change related to cost savings and sustained high quality health care 
Shon Wettstein, Intermountain Healthcare
Ann Putnam, Intermountain Healthcare