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AHE Staffing Methodologies and Standards for Healthcare Environmental Services Departments

The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) of the American Hospital Association has produced the first healthcare driven environmental services staffing standards in the industry.

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ASHRM Root Cause Analysis Playbook

This playbook contains the industry-proven methods for Root Cause Analysis (RCA) through an enterprise risk management model to use at your healthcare facility. The guidance provided in the RCA playbook will help you achieve sustainable results and prevent recurrence of patient safety events.

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Best Practices in Business Planning for Energy Resiliency

This monograph provides a step-by-step model for building a business case in support of energy resiliency investments in health care facilities. It also includes other best practices and ways to support resiliency.

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ACHI Webinar Recording: Demonstrating the Highly Positive Return on Investment of a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program(Recorded on August 2012)

Spectrum Health’s self-management solution for under served populations with chronic disease has produced a substantial, positive return on investment together with significant improvements in health.

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ASHRM Health Care Claims and Litigation Playbook

The ASHRM Health Care Claims and Litigation Playbook addresses claims administration, the litigation system, best practices, reporting and data analysis.

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ASHRM Root Cause Analysis Team Member Workbooks (6) and Free Facilitator Guide

This Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Team Member Guide and Facilitator Guide is for you, as a RCA team member or a facilitator, to understand the RCA process and your important role. When an event occurs, the RCA team will review the event, to understand why the event happened, and to decrease or eliminate a like event from occurring again.

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AHE Webinar Series 2019: Leading Your ES Team to the Next Level of Performance

"Environmental Services (ES) departments regularly struggle with high rates of employee turnover and other associated challenges, which exhaust resources and are a heavy financial burden. ES leaders can collaborate with their Human Resources departments to build a program that provides internal opportunity for ES technicians and reduces employee turnover. This webinar will review the building blocks to a successful ES career ladder, utilizing AHE’s CHEST and CSCT programs, thus improving metrics and increasing departmental performance to the next level. "

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Guidebook for Hospital Waste Reduction & An Ounce of Prevention

This companion guide to An Ounce of Prevention provides you with information to navigate through the regulatory and financial maze associated with establishing a waste-management program

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AHE Webinar Series 2015 - Successful Guidelines for Navigating Contracted Services and Purchasing Strategies

This program examines the process of performing an effective RFI/RFP, developing a review team, charting comparison analyses and identifying best products and practices.

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