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Healthcare Safety Certificate Program Manual, 3rd Edition (eBook)

The IAHSS Healthcare Safety Certificate Program Manual 3rd Edition in eBook format is designed as an introduction to provide healthcare security professionals with basic knowledge of healthcare safety to further prepare them for the challenges they face daily.

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ASHRM Health Care Risk Management Fundamentals

This text utilizes the ERM model to illuminate the fundamental domains of health care risk management including Clinical Risk Management and Patient Safety, the Legal and Regulatory Environment, Claims and Litigation and Risk Financing.

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ASHRM CPHRM Exam Preparation Guide, 7th Edition, ePub Format

The ASHRM CPHRM Exam Preparation Guide ePub/eBook, 7th Edition, includes 110 Practice Exam Questions. It will help you prepare for the Certified Professional in Health Care Risk Management Certification Exam.

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ASHE CHFM Exam Preparation Flash Cards

This set of flashcards is ideal for those preparing to take the CHFM exam. Study with 240 questions: 60 questions for each of the four exam domains (PDC, Maintenance and Operations, Finance and Administration, and Compliance).

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CMRP Examination Review Guide, Electronic Version (PDF)

Prepare for the CMRP examination with the review guide! This review guide is an update of the formerly known “Materials Management Review Guide CMRP Examination Review Guide Fifth Edition”.

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Best Sellers

ASHE Certification: Certified Health Care Physical Environment Worker Exam

Get ASHE certified and show that you truly understand the complex health care physical environment. ASHE’s certified worker program is unique because it is focused on patient safety and is the only certification of its kind backed by the American Hospital Association. This is certification test only.

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AONL Online Competencies - Self Assessment

Evaluate your skills and discover opportunities to grow as a nurse leader.

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AONL Webinar OnDemand: Leadership Competencies for Health Care: I Have to Know What?!

Nursing leaders are needed at all levels, in all settings. The workforce is aging and shortages in nursing faculty results in qualified nursing school candidates are turned away in record numbers. Shortages of qualified and willing nursing leaders means nearly 67,000 nursing leadership positions will remain unfilled by 2020. Challenges exist in creating new leaders including selection, development, lack of focus on leader preparation, and an unrealistic number of leadership competencies. Hundreds of leader competencies are described in the literature with no agreement on what constitutes best practices. A metasummary of the literature has given us a place to start and conceptual frameworks exist through which this content can be delivered in a manner that supports the desired outcomes: 1. recognize healthcare is a business and the business of healthcare is caring 2. balance the science of business with the heart of caring, never sacrificing that which defines nursing Transformational leadership requires leaders have the vision to “take people where they don’t want to go but ought to be” – this includes providing growth and development opportunities for all nurses. Responding to the IOM call to action is only possible through transforming this vision into reality.

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AONL Webinar OnDemand: The Transgender/Gender Non-conforming Patient: A Roadmap for Respect

Transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) patients have complex healthcare needs and have historically experienced bias and prejudice within the healthcare system. Nurse leaders at all levels are uniquely positioned to assume a leadership role ensuring that the healthcare system is meeting the needs of the TGNC community. When caring for TGNC patients, leaders may wonder where to begin or what their staff needs to succeed. This webinar addresses these questions and more. It will include data from a study of nurses’ perceptions of caring for TGNC patients and provide strategies and a roadmap for nurse leaders who are committed to creating care environments that meet the needs of TGNC patients. Other topics that will be covered include: improving the transgender patient experience, instituting staff education to gain fluency in TGNC terminology and concepts, implementing organizational policies and support systems, incorporating low cost solutions such as providing single-use restrooms and being attentive to patient room assignments, how to demonstrate an understanding of transgender patient concerns, and modifying prompts in electronic health records (EHR) to obtain information about a patient’s birth sex, current gender identity and preferred names and pronouns.

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