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This Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Team Member Guide and Facilitator Guide is for you, as a RCA team member or a facilitator, to understand the RCA process and your important role. When an event occurs, the RCA team will review the event, to understand why the event happened, and to decrease or eliminate a like event from occurring again. It is critical to understand the RCA process does not look to place blame on an individual or department. The RCA team and facilitator is trusted by the organization to make a difference. You may be thinking, “Why me? I do not know how to do a RCA.” You are the right person for this process, we need you to keep asking “Why?”
You will learn:
  • What is an RCA and why they fail to prevent like events RCA team selection, charter, ground rules and confidentiality
  • Change management and action planning through Jim Reasons theory of error, action plan development, action hierarchy and human factors
  •  Measurement of process improvement actions

This item consists of a package of 6 workbooks and one Facilitator Guide