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ASHRM/Aon 2018-2019 Hospital and Physician Professional Liability Benchmark Report
Each year ASHRM and Aon partner to deliver a benchmarking analysis of medical professional liability costs. This year’s study marks the 19th annual report and incorporates data from more than 118 participating health care systems.
The goal of our annual study is to provide health care systems with a business intelligence tool for better estimating and understanding self-insured medical malpractice costs.
The 2018 study also analyzed data based on three new demographic comparisons: 
  • High-risk regions – the loss rate and claim severity for professional liability were approximately double for high-risk regions, including Connecticut and Illinois; South Florida; Cook County and New York County; and Washington D.C., compared to all other regions. This is attributable to high-risk regions being generally more litigious and challenging for professional liability claims. 
  • University health systems – university health systems typically serve more acute patients who need specialized and focused medical treatment. Thus, while university health systems experience on average more severe claims than non-university systems, the frequency at which claims are experienced is lower. 
  • Children’s hospitals – similar to university health systems, children’s hospitals have the ability to treat acutely ill children. As a result, data shows that professional liability claim frequency and loss rates are consistently lower for children’s hospitals than non-children’s hospitals, yet the average cost of claims is higher for children’s hospitals.