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This playbook contains the industry-proven methods for Root Cause Analysis (RCA) through an enterprise risk management model to use at your healthcare facility. The guidance provided in the RCA playbook will help you achieve sustainable results and prevent recurrence of harmful patient safety events. With these tools, you will be a step closer to reaching the goal shared by the American Society for Healthcare Risk Manager and professional healthcare risk managers: ensuring patient safety and healing without harm.
Look Inside: ASHRM Root Cause Analysis Playbook Table of Contents, First Pages
   - Full walkthrough of the essential steps for responding to sentinel events, clearly framed for ease-of-use during urgent circumstances. 
   -  All of the leading RCA tools in one place, from fault trees to approximate cause analysis and many more
   -  Structured interview techniques for getting the most information from involved parties
   -  How to choose the right team to respond to serious reportable events (SREs)
   -  Invaluable resource for new risk managers