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The ASHRM Health Care Claims and Litigation Playbook is a valuable resource for any risk manager who has any responsibility for claims.

It is meant for the risk manager who has just become responsible for managing claims, the risk manager (or anyone else) who is contemplating bringing claims administration in-house, and those who are already responsible for claims but still have questions about the litigation system and best practices in claims administration.
This playbook is also valuable for those who are not responsible for claims administration but want to be sure it is conducted correctly and those who need to understand claims in order to interact more efficiently with the insurance company, the third-party administrator or defense counsel.
The playbook has three chapters, which roughly follow the chronology of the claims administration process:

• Chapter 1 addresses claims activities in the period between the event that gave rise to the claim and the time that litigation commences.

• Chapter 2 covers litigation of a claim (from pre-trial to settlement).

• Chapter 3 explores activities in the post litigation period, such as reporting, data analysis and initiatives to prevent future events.

164 pages