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SHSMD members, replay the SHSMD U Webcast, Moving Ahead on the Long Road Toward Value-Based Healthcare, presented by renowned futurist and Futurescan executive editor, Ian Morrison, PhD.

Perfect for leadership and governance retreats, SHSMD's Futurescan Multi-Pack features the 2018, 2017 and 2016 issues of this highly respected guide to current health care trends. The publications include articles from thought and opinion leaders that explore key forces that are transforming the field.
The 2018 Futurescan highlights:
  • The future of value-based care
  • What’s next  in healthcare consumerism
  • The importance of healthcare cybersecurity
  • How providers can advance health equity
  • The transformation of emergency care
  • Healthcare facilities of the future
  • The emerging role of employers in healthcare
  • Trends in provider-sponsored health plans
The 2017 edition focuses on:
  • Hospital/health system integration
  • Next generation payment reform
  • Applications for big data in healthcare
  • Evolution of the healthcare CEO
  • Transformation of the healthcare workforce
  • Physician leadership and engagement strategies
  • Advances in virtual healthcare
  • Innovations in healthcare
And the 2016 Futurescan addresses:
  • Engaging increasingly value-conscious patients and consumers
  • Exploring capital models required to finance transitions in healthcare
  • Identifying change management skills and competencies leaders need for the future
  • Accelerating innovations that improve the value of healthcare
  • Developing wellness programs that improve health and reduce medical costs
  • Reengineering healthcare at a massive scale
  • Assuming risk in caring for defined populations
  • Integrating behavioral health and medical care
The articles in each issue are supported by insights from a national survey of hospital executives. Futurescan 2018, 2017 and 2016 provide strategic actions health care leaders and professionals can take to position their organizations for future success.
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