ASHHRA On-Demand Webinar: How to Build Trust, Strengthen Communication, and Laugh Together from Afar during COVID-19 Crisis

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Weeks ago, we were sitting in meetings with coworkers, laughing with peers over lunch, and maybe even gearing up for a big presentation. Now, most of us are either working from home in self- isolation or risking our health and the health of our family when we go to work each day. Few could have predicted or prepared for how much life and work as we knew it would change in a matter of weeks. As we continue working in this new paradigm, it is more important than ever to consciously build and maintain strong relationships with our teams.
  1. Hear 10+ Virtual Team Activity ideas.
  2. Learn simple ways to nurture a culture appreciation from afar.
  3. Gain tips on how to consciously transition back to work when the time comes!
Christopher Littlefield
Founder, Beyond Thank You  
.5 (CHHR)