AONL On-Demand Webinar: Industry Insights: Using Gamification to Improve the Human Experience

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Millions of positive interactions are shared every moment between people in healthcare, however our tendency is to focus on the negative. When we repeatedly ignore the special moments of human connection shared, even the most purpose-driven healthcare workers can become demoralized, disengaged, and overwhelmed by burnout. Shining light on meaningful and positive interactions can transform the workplace by creating a real-time feedback loop that empowers patients and delights employees.

Wambi is the only real-time recognition and feedback system fueled by the voice of patients and families. Its gamified approach increases employee engagement, reduces clinician burnout, and enhances the patient experience. Partnering with hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide, Wambi gives flight to the personal side of healthcare by surfacing the moments where a human connection made (makes) all the difference, connecting patients and team members and improving the human experience for all.