AONL Webinar OnDemand: 4 R's of Resiliency

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Leaders in Healthcare may feel as though they are doing everything within their power to provide a great work environment, develop an engaged workforce, and provide safety for their employees. Unless we address the elephant in the room- Burnout, and it’s prevalence among healthcare leaders and providers, we cannot achieve workplace excellence. One in three healthcare employees have expressed some signs of burnout. At some point, all nursing staff will need a detailed personal plan to improve their resiliency. Luckily, knowing that you are at risk for burnout is 80% of the solution. Join Jane McLeod as she shares her personal journey of a loss of resiliency in a job she loved, and provides the tools to prevent compassion fatigue, burnout, or change fatigue from happening to you. Together, you’ll explore examples of everyday actions to take to increase awareness of this problem in healthcare, and find solutions to deal with stressors like competing demands on your time and energy. Discover how you can become a more mindful person and use simple techniques to remain focused and optimistic about the future.