AHRMM eLearning Course: Master of Negotiations Certificate

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This self-paced, hands-on eLearning course will work you through each step of the negotiations process, while focusing on specific best practices and the personal advice and negotiating tips from seasoned negotiator, John Strong.  

While being a “tough negotiator” is a major key to success, maintaining a reputation for fairness remains important to create a win for both sides and for future negotiation encounters. These skills are developed through advanced preparation and planning for major purchases, using a team that compliments each other.  

You will walk away from this course more confident in your abilities as a well-prepared negotiator, who has both a reputation for winning, and fairness while incorporating the latest and best practice techniques. 
This package includes six modules:
  • Introduction to Negotiations – Level Setting 
  • Uncovering Total Purchase Value 
  • Constructing your Position/Knowing your Seller 
  • Logistics of the Negotiation Act 
  • The Act of Negotiating 
  • Completing the Negotiation