AHE EVS Staffing Course and Calculator/Staffing Methodologies

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Health Care Environmental Services Staffing Calculator and Workbook Bundle
The Health Care Environmental Services Staffing Calculator and Workbook Bundle is a product package developed by the AHE to help EVS departments support their staffing needs.
This bundle consists of three e-learning videos on staffing concepts and implementation, the e-publication version of "Staffing Methodologies and Standards," and one-year access to the plug-and-play online staffing calculator and supporting tracking worksheet.
This product is a one-year subscription. By purchasing this product, you will receive access to all included materials for one year following the date of purchase.
Learning Objectives:
  • Identify key concepts from AHE's "Staffing Methodologies and Standards for Health Care Environmental Services Departments" publication
  • Apply those key concepts to your own hospital/facility to calculate FTEs for your departments
  • Enter key metrics into AHE's staffing calculator to retrieve your optimal staffing level recommendations
About the Staffing Calculator Tool
The staffing calculator is an interactive form with 50+ metrics, including patient volume, ED admissions, and square footage. Upon completion of the form, users will be automatically directed to the AHE Staffing Calculator Dashboard, where you can view a report staffing and scheduling recommendations for your facility. An optional Calculator Tracker Worksheet is included to assist users in collecting the data for entry on the form.
About eLearning Videos 
In this series of three e-Learning videos, Rock Jensen, Administrative Director of Support Services for Yuma Regional Medical Center, reviews key staffing concepts to help users understand the models used in the Staffing Calculator and how to utilize the AHE staffing numbers. 
1.  Introduction to Staffing Methodologies
2.  Staffing Patterns
3.  Building a Facility Inventory and Staffing Analysis
About "Staffing Methodologies and Standards for Health Care Environmental Services" ePub
The Association for the Health Care Environment (AHE) of the American Hospital Association has produced the first health care-driven environmental services staffing standards in the field. The staffing methodology includes metrics derived from current hospital staffing averages in the field with direction from environmental services staffing experts.
The final staffing model is comprised of data from health care facility surveys, statistical analysis and additional expert review. The staffing numbers identified represent the most accurate analyses for environmental services in a hospital or health care setting. These analyses and models are based on achieving quality outcomes for patients, visitors, and staff safety.
Content Areas
· Study Development
· Survey Analysis
· Benchmarks
· Building a Facility Inventory
· Building the Staffing Analysis
· Combining All Staffing Metrics
· Non-Productive Time
· Case Studies