SHSMD U 2019 Credential | Public Relations and Communications in Health Care

Date: Sep 23, 2019 - Oct 31, 2019


SHSMD U 2019 Credential | Public Relations and Communications in Health Care Settings
September 23 - October 31, 2019
24/7 Access

Stay at the forefront of health care communications so you can focus on effective strategies that inspire change.

SHSMD is now offering a new five-part credential series, created for professionals in health care communications and public relations. Expert faculty from inside and outside of the health care industry will share key trends impacting communication professionals, outlining what new skills are required to lead change, develop strategic frameworks, and get a seat at the table.  

This credential series will discuss internal communications strategies around change management and the evolution of the digital workspace, as well as external communications torpics on the merging world of brand journalism—earned, owned and paid. Faculty will then outline the importance of developing a strategic framework for communications efforts, including 1) framing the strategy, 2) goal setting, and 3) principals of evaluation (measuring the impact). A panel of seasoned communications professionals will also share their advice on how to get a seat at the table by serving as a trusted senior advisor and applying skills around influencing, selling ideas, and driving meaningful change.

In this series, participants will:
   Immerse in key trends impacting health care communications professionals from industry experts
   Build skills in developing strategic communication and change management solutions.
   Grow as trusted advisors and effective change agents

Apply these learnings to real-world challenges. The course will culminate with individual case studies developed during the course focused around a specific challenge. Faculty and fellow course attendees will provide counsel and input.

Use Case Assignment
At the start of the series, participants will be asked to identify a use case problem/challenge that they are currently facing in their role. Throughout the series, faculty will guide them through the process of identifying goals, implementation strategies, and evaluation steps for that use case. A template will be provided and introduced early in the course, and discussion questions and content throughout the course will help guide them through the template and use case process. Faculty and fellow course attendees will provide counsel and input and participants will walk away with an actionable plan for that use case, and template for future challenges. At the end of the course, attendees may be selected to share their use cases.

Course Outline
Pre-Course Work
   Complete SHSMD ADVANCE™ | Assess to identify skill gaps.
   Complete pre-assessment survey and identify use case challenge.

Pre-recorded Introduction Webcast (on demand)
   How the profession shifting and what are key themes to explore?
   Course agenda overview
   Use case assignment
Faculty: Donna Teach, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Module 1 | The Evolution of Internal Communication (The State of Health Care PR and Communications)
   Trends in internal communication—new skills, new roles
   Communication models for driving effective change
   Leaders and managers as conversationalists
   Storytelling and purpose-driven communication
   Trends in channels/Intranets
   Trends specific to health care professionals today
Faculty: Chris Gay, Principal, Bridge Consulting

Module 2 | External – Brand Journalism and Trends (The State of Health Care PR and Communications)
   Brand journalism, content marketing, storytelling—Regardless of what you call it, what do these communications approaches really mean for communicators?
   Merging the world of earned, owned, shared and paid—how to implement parts of the PESO model into your current communications program
   New health care communications trends—the new skills you need to learn to maximize your content including multi-channel amplification and measurement:
       Creating content is not enough—tricks to amplify your content and messages across multiple channels
       Measurement must-haves—how to show the value of your work to the C-suite
   Brand journalism and content best practices implemented by some of the top health care brands
Faculty: Lisa Arledge Powell, Principal, MediaSource

Module 3 | It’s All About Great Strategy: Strategic Frameworks for Communication Professionals
   Framing Strategy
   Goal Setting
   Principals of Evaluation – measuring impact of communication efforts
   Practical approaches to research and evaluation
Faculty: Donna Teach, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Module 4 | Panel Discussion: Leading Change and Getting a Seat at the Table
Hear from seasoned communications’ professionals building themselves as trusted and senior advisors. Learn how to earn influence, sell ideas, and drive meaningful change.

Rose Glenn, SVP, Communications & Chief Experience Officer, Henry Ford Health System
Kathleen Lewton, Fellow PRSA, Principal, Lewton, Seekins & Trester
Moderators: Chris Gay & Donna Teach

Module 5 | Sharing of Participant Case Studies
Three or four case studies will be presented by course participants.
Moderator: Donna Teach, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

A SHSMD Credential (certificate of completion and digital badge) will be awarded to those who successfully complete the use case assignment and all other course assignments (i.e. discussion board questions, SHSMD ADVANCE | Assess, pre-assessment survey).

Course Schedule
This series will include a total of five webinars related to the specific topics outlined below. Webcasts will be held on the Tuesdays from Noon–1:00 pm Central (1pm ET, 11am MT, 10am PT). The Panel Discussion will take place on Monday, October 21.

Webcast Dates (please mark your calendars)
   September 24 | Module 1: The Evolution of Internal Communication
   October 1     | Module 2: External – Brand journalism-the merging world of earned, owned and paid
      Week of October 7 Catch Up Week
   October 15   | Module 3: It’s all about Great Strategy – strategic frameworks for communication professionals
   October 21   | Module 4: Panel Discussion on leading Change and getting a seat at the table
   October 23   | Case Studies due
   October 29   | Module 5: Case study presentations

All live webinars are recorded and available for attendees to access 24/7.  

Additional Resources
This course will include a variety of additional resources including articles, white papers, and webinar recordings around the following topics related to communications and public relations:
   Advocacy Communications
   Creating Internal Advocates for Change
   Media Content Relationships
   Crisis Communications
   Employee Town Halls
   Reputation Management
   Social Media
   Employee Engagement
   Community Relations