SHSMD Education 2021 Webinar | Patient Share of Care: Measuring Patient Brand Loyalty

Date: Aug 25, 2021 - Aug 25, 2021


Patient Share of Care: Measuring Patient Brand Loyalty

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Patient Share of Care: Measuring Patient Brand Loyalty
SHSMD Education 2021 Sponsored Webinar
Wednesday, August 25, 2021 | 12:00-1:00pm CT

Patient “share of care” is a revenue-based measurement that gauges the depth of customer relationship and should be your primary value measurement of loyalty. Share of care is akin to share of wallet. This presentation will provide an overview of Patient Share of Care and how to leverage it within a health system.

Behavioral Outcomes

  • Attendees will be able to articulate what Patient Share of Care is and why it is critical to the long-term growth of their organization in a value-based care environment.
  • Attendees will know how to measure patient loyalty to their health care organization and develop realistic growth objectives for increasing Patient Share of Care.

Behavioral Outcomes Supporting Points

  • Identify the risk of putting too much focus on inpatient market share as a metric for growth.
  • Understand the data sources and analyses that contribute to improved metrics for patient preference.
  • Review two case studies to highlight how a state-wide health system and an independent community hospital are using Patient Share of Care to guide and measure strategic objectives.

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