ASHE On Demand Webinar: Ventilation Management

Date: Apr 05, 2021 - Apr 30, 2022

With the increased emphasis on ventilation requirements in health care spaces and the conflicting requirements of various authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), a comprehensive ventilation management plan will help health care organizations manage HVAC systems to maintain compliance with all applicable accreditation, licensure and regulatory standards. Similar to the water management plan, a ventilation management plan is established and supported by a multidisciplinary committee and aims to identify, develop and implement effective strategies to manage and maintain space conditions to meet code-required air exchanges, temperature, humidity and pressure. The plan will also align cross-divisional efforts to provide a standardized, risk-based review of spaces and their specific ventilation requirements and establish common language and processes related to maintaining compliance. A ventilation management plan will ultimately make the hospital a safer place for patients to heal.
Learning Objective(s):
  • Identify the elements included in a comprehensive ventilation management plan.
  • Assess which groups or departments to include in the development of the ventilation management plan.
  • Tie a ventilation management plan directly to compliance-related testing and documentation.  
  • Brooke Bohme, PE, CHFM, LEED AP
  • Clayton Smith, FACHE, MBA, CHFM
  • Taylor Vaughn, MBA, CHFM, CLSS-HC