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Official UB-04 Data Specifications Manual 2020 edition - 6 to 10 Users

The official source of UB-04 billing information adopted by the National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC). The 2020 edition contains the updated specifications for the data codes included on the Uniform Bill claim form. Release Date: July 1, 2019

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Operating Room HVAC Setback Strategies

Operating room setback is a proven energy-saving strategy for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. This paper presents possibilities and question to ask to determine a facility's approach.

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Optimize Your Healthcare Supply Chain Performance

This book was written for the busy healthcare executive, to provide senior healthcare executives and other key leaders with an understanding of different supply chain structures and effective management tenets.

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Owning Medical Practices: Best Practices for Sustainable Results

Guides hospital executives whose organizations currently own medical practices and employ primary care and specialty physicians, plus those looking to expand their business. Now 50% Off - Originally $76 Now Only $38

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PDS: Violence In The Workplace Guidelines For Heathcare

The information is designed to help health care employers reduce and prevent workplace violence

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Physical Environment Provisions of USP <797> "Pharmaceutical Compounding—Sterile Preparations"--- Second Edition

The second edition of this monograph was created to support health care facility professionals and their teams in complying with USP General Chapter <797>. USP <797> was developed to reduce the risk of contamination during the process of compounding drugs in all places where compounded sterile preparations (CSPs) are prepared.

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Physician Relations Insights, 4th Edition (PDF)

This benchmarking study–based on a survey of SHSMD and American Association of Physician Liaison members–provides the latest information on physician relations programs, including budgets, staffing, compensation, priorities, reporting structures, performance measures, and more.

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Physician Relations Programs in Hospitals 2014: A SHSMD Benchmarking Study (PDF)

This report provides answers to questions SHSMD members ask about physician relations program budgets, staff salaries, FTEs, top priorities, performance tracking, short- and long-term challenges, and more.

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Primer: Applying the Principles of Supply Chain Management in the Healthcare Provider Sector

If you have come to a new position as a supply chain leader within a provider organization from another industry, or even right out of school, then this primer is written for you.

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Promoting the Value of the Facility Department to the C-Suite

This monograph presents strategies facility professionals can use to develop relationships with hospital leaders and show the value of their work. The monograph includes real-world examples of facility professionals who have successfully shown the value of their departments to organizational leaders.

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