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An Ounce Of Prevention: Waste Reduction Strategies For Healthcare Facilities

This book illustrates a basic, but comprehensive, approach to implementing waste reduction and recycling strategies in health care facilities.

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ANSI/ASHRAE/ASHE Standard 189.3-2017: Design, Construction, and Operation of Sustainable High-Performance Health Care Facilities.

ASHRAE/ASHE Standard 189.3 prescribes the procedures, methods, and documentation requirements for the design, construction, and operation of high-performance, sustainable, health care facilities.

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Area Calculation Method for Health Care

There are currently many different methods for determining the square footage of health care facilities. This monograph outlines a much-needed standard method for calculating the area of health care spaces.

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Benchmarking 2.0: Health Care Facility Management Report

Benchmarking 2.0 presents survey data from 262 health care facilities that facility managers can use to determine how their performance measures up and identify areas for improvement.

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Electrical Systems Handbook for Health Care Facilities

Discusses the complex electrical systems required for health care facilities, including information on electrical safety in patient care areas and maintenance testing. Pre-order now.

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Energy Procurement: A Stategic Sourcing How-To Guide

This monograph sets forth energy procurement best practices and explains how hospitals should approach energy procurement using the principles of aggregation, alignment, and analytics.

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Evaluating Electrical Distribution Equipment to Determine Replacement Needs

This monograph provides guidance on how to determine replacement needs for electrical distribution equipment, including strategies for upgrading an electrical distribution system.

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Glossary of Healthcare Terms for Environmental Services, 2nd Edition - eBook Format

This eBook explains terms, concepts and ideas related to healthcare EVS. The new content will provide useful information to those new to EVS as well as those with many years of experience.

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HCAHPS Scores, the Patient Experience, and the Affordable Care Act from the Facility Perspective

This monograph introduces the HCAHPS program and describes improvements health care organizations have made to increase patient satisfaction.

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Health Facility Commissioning Guidelines

The ASHE Health Facility Commissioning Guidelines establishes a process for commissioning health care facilities that are cost-effective and efficient and deliver the desired return on investment.

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