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Provides comprehensive, accurate information on 6,500 hospitals, 400-plus health care systems, networks and alliances, 700 health care organizations and associations, 700 governmental agencies and 3,000 other accredited providers. 

It is the most comprehensive directory available with data sourced from the AHA's Fiscal Year 2013 AHA Annual Survey of Hospitals, AHA membership data and other sources.  Beyond contact and demographic information, this encyclopedic directory includes exclusive hospital and health care statistics.  Hospital profiles include physician arrangements, hospital organizational structure, utilization data, primary service data, approval code/accreditations, and Medicare Provider Identification.

You can easily locate in-depth information on 148 hospital service lines and details on utilization characteristics (e.g., beds, admissions, census, outpatient visits, births, expenses), and Medicare Provider Identifications.  It contains approval codes from a number of organizations.
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