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Building off of the on-demand webinar, Bundled Payments: The Intersection of Cost, Quality, and Outcomes, this session will continue to focus on the emerging and changing market of bundled payments in both Medicare and commercial markets. This on-demand webinar also includes the latest information on Medicare implementation of bundled payments and new efforts to engage additional providers as well as challenges and successes of these models. In addition, the impact to costs and quality in the hospital and post-acute will be reviewed. Opportunities and challenges for hospitals will be discussed.
Bundled payments are a value-based payment system. Success within these models is measured based on decreasing cost, increasing quality, and quantifiable outcomes. One of the most important focuses of bundled payments is physician preference services such as orthopedics, spine and cardiac, which presents special challenges.
Learning Objectives
• Define the "evolution" of bundled payments, including how it's changed so far and could change in the future.
• Further identify how the ACA implementation is creating a bundled payment marketplace for Medicare, commercial insurance, and other payers.
• Explain the different scenarios in which bundled payments implementation varies.
• Identify and implement strategies and tools to prepare for and handle challenges related to bundled payments.
• Discover the advantages and benefits of a bundled payment model.
 Joane Goodroe, RN, BSN, MBA, Independent Consultant