Recommended Practice Series: Environmental Services Equipment and Supplies

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Environmental Services Equipment and Supplies
Equipment and supplies, including carts and tools, are essential, discrete components of safe, efficient and productive Environmental Services (EVS) operations. EVS technicians must have the requisite knowledge and expertise for the selection and use of equipment and supplies appropriate for specific tasks.

This booklet provides management professionals with an effective tool for training staff in properly maintaining, stocking, and rotating cleaning equipment and supplies in EVS supply closets.
This Recommended Practice Guide will address four major objectives:
  • To recommend as best practice, various types of cleaning equipment and provide the rationale for the recommendations.
  • To describe the proper care and maintenance of environmental services equipment and supplies.
  • To provide instructional guidelines for limiting the inappropriate use of supplies, and damage to equipment.
  • To specify the proper use of products and supplies and to eliminate waste.
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