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Redesigning Care: A How-to Guide for Hospitals and Health Systems Seeking to Implement, Strengthen and Sustain

Telebehavioral Health
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Telebehavioral health expands access, improves outcomes and lowers costs. By using the strategies, interventions, tools and resources in this Guide, your hospital and health system can provide better care to a large number of people who need behavioral health services, but don’t have access to it.


The strategies and interventions in this Guide are differentiated and can be customized for use, whether your health care organization is starting a telebehavioral health program or strengthening or sustaining an existing one. This Guide is unique because it is informed by perspectives across clinical care, technology, strategy and implementation.


Content in the guide focuses on six success factors:

  • Leadership commitment
  • Organizational policies and clinical workflows
  • Staff education and training
  • Patient, family and caregiver engagement
  • Measurement
  • Community partnerships
 If you’re a behavioral health service line director, clinician, manager or other front-line implementer, you’ll find valuable, actionable content in this guide.


If you’re a hospital or health system executive, you’ll want to put this guide in the hands of your health care teams.

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52 pages


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