ASHHRA On-Demand Conference Session: Facilitating Provider Professionalism: How Human Resources Can Break the Cycle of Disruptive Provider Behavior

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Join the 86% of attendees who stated they agree and/or strongly agree that they will be able to implement the information presented in this session.
Disruptive provider behavior is a direct threat to patient safety and the quality of care. It is also a major employment law risk. Human resources professionals are often asked to address provider behavior, often without the necessary tools or organizational support to effectively create clinical environments conducive to high-quality patient care and a highly engaged workforce.  
This on-demand session will demonstrate how human resources can best support clinical leadership in managing disruptive provider behavior. It begins with laying a strong foundation through physician employment agreements, medical staff bylaws, and HR policies. Next, presenters will discuss the role of early professionalism training and provider mentor programs to establish professional expectations and a positive professional culture. Finally, for those cases where prevention is insufficient, you will examine the best practices for investigation, discipline and termination, and how to work cooperatively with medical staff.
  1. Set effective expectations and ground rules that help prevent disruptive provider behavior.
  2. Create and support professionalism and positive behaviors through training and mentoring.
  3. Effectively investigate disruptive behavior and, when necessary, discipline and discharge employed providers in cooperation with medical staff.
Dennis Westlind
Attorney, Bullard Law
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