ASHHRA On-Demand Conference Session: Finding a Cure: How St. Jude Attracts World-Class Talent in a Competitive Hiring Environment

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In a tightening labor market jobs are harder to fill, requiring more time and money to hire best-fit talent. This is perhaps most apparent within the health care field where the demand for services is expected to swell in the coming years while the supply of providers is decreasing, creating a critical talent shortage.
Strong talent pools of passive candidates ensure that an organization always has a pipeline of talented and qualified candidates to select from when a role becomes available. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is engaging passive candidates in a unique way to attract the brightest minds and strongest hearts.
Rather than mass-blasting job openings or attempting to build the largest pool of candidates possible, recruiters at St. Jude are using a targeted approach to cherry pick for specific, and often very unique skill sets. Through recruitment marketing, recruiters send tailored messages and track progress throughout the hiring process, leading to a more focused and effective talent pipeline.
  1. Analyze health care hiring data to gain an understanding of the hiring landscape and find new ways to enhance the candidate experience and stay competitive.
  2. Explore how fellow HR practitioners develop tailored content for recruitment marketing, and leverage data analytics to improve the quality of pipelined talent.
  3. Introduce best practices and communication strategies for CRM tools to build connections, using metrics to refine strategies and employ a powerful TA suite to unify talent data.
John Leech
Director of Talent Acquisition, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Josh Wright, CFA
Chief Economist, iCIMS
1 (CHHR) 1 (SHRM) 1 (HRCI)