AHRMM On-Demand Spring Summit Session: AI Unleashed: Digitization Frontiers

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AI UNLEASHED: Digitization Frontiers: Unraveling the Potential of AI in Supply Chain Management
What is the future potential of AI in the health care supply chain? Gain insight by exploring the larger technological landscape encompassing machine learning, data analytics, and automation. Possibilities in these areas as well as predictive maintenance will be discussed, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of these technologies in reshaping supply chain dynamics.
Learning Objectives:
  • Examine the technological landscape related to AI in supply chain, including machine learning, data analytics, and automation, while delving into the future potential of AI, exploring possibilities such as predictive maintenance.
Aanand Esterberg - Consultant GS1
Aanand Esterberg is co-founder of Woody Creek, Inc., an Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology acceleration consultancy. As a consultant to GS1, Mr. Esterberg supports AI technical initiatives to address GS1 members’ needs. He received the MSEE from Stanford University and the BSEE/CS from the University of California, Berkeley.
Reuben Mathew Philip - Senior Product Manager, Clarium Health
Reuben is a senior product manager at Clarium Health, where he leads the design and development of an AI forward platform to enhance collaboration within healthcare, with real-time data visibility and actionable insights. He is passionate about building products that solve high impact problems for real people, and pushing the envelope of how technology can make health care better for all of us.
Keith Lohkamp - Senior Director, Industry Strategy, Workday
Keith Lohkamp is senior director of industry strategy at Workday, responsible for the product direction and strategy for the health care, retail, and hospitality industries. With 20+ years of product management experience, Keith held product strategy roles at Infor, Lawson, Neoforma, and PeopleSoft before Workday. As an advocate for change and improvement within health care, Keith has served on the board of Strategic Marketplace Initiative and the leadership team for GS1 US Health care.

Devin Sumaoang - Director of Supply Chain Transformation and Design, University of Washington
Devin Sumaoang is a Fellow of AHRMM with a passion for supply chain and its critical role in patient care. As the Director of Supply Chain at the University of Washington and Past President for WSHMMA, he spearheads strategic initiatives to optimize operations and explore emerging technologies. Devin's leadership has been instrumental in driving transformative digital change resulting in significant cost savings and operational efficiency gains. With a track record of success in supply chain transformation, strategic planning, and team leadership, Devin is committed to ensuring the supply chain ecosystem is positioned at the forefront of technological advancements around AI, ML, and automation.