ASHHRA On-Demand Conference Session: Millennials and Mobilization: Health Care Communications in the Digital Age

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With millennials expected to dominate the nurse workforce in the 2020s, there is a growing preference and inclination towards digital, social and text-based communications in the workplace. At the same time, hospitals are navigating difficult business realities as they look for ways to consolidate and cut costs. This is not only changing the face of employee communications, but has also formed fertile ground for union activity. From Facebook groups to hashtag campaigns, the explosion of social media has offered a powerful way for the labor movement to mobilize hundreds – if not thousands – of members, potential members and advocates. They have seized this opportunity in innovative, sophisticated ways to recruit and to win over millenials in particular. In this session explore some of these tactics being used in the health care field as well as offer recommendations on what companies can do prepare themselves and communicate more effectively in the digital age.
  1. Understanding the motivational factors for millennials in the workforce.
  2. Understanding preferred communications methods for millennials working in health care.
  3. Understanding mobilization tactics being used by the labor movement to reach millennials in health care and what employers can do to respond.
Philippa Levenberg, MA, BA
Director, Digital Media, IRI Consultants
Megan Mitchell, BA
Communications Consultant, IRI Consultants