AHRMM On-Demand Webinar: Good to Great: Applying Lean Concepts to Healthcare

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Lean Management – Sounds like a time consuming process that we don’t have time for. But in reality, all it is, is slowly modifying processes so that we reduce the amount of supply chain work and resources, but still provide the customer with the value they want and expect. “Less work” and “less resources” is good for everyone. This session provides an overview of supply chain management and the areas that could be modified to reduce waste, whether that it is wasted efforts or wasted products. In addition, it will describe how to instill a culture of change within your own team and empower your staff to begin looking for and implementing small changes which will ultimately bring value back to the stakeholders that we serve.

Learning Objectives:
  • Describe the history of performance improvement and how the concept has changed over time.
  • Discover how the concept of Kaizen can lead to large improvements over time.
  • Explore the structure and types of Kaizens which can be molded to fit target areas of opportunity.
  • Recognize the 8 types of waste and develop initiatives to eliminate them from the health care environment.


  • Thomas Allen Archer, System Director Supply Chain Management, Houston Healthcare