AHRMM On-Demand Webinar: Empowering Supply Chain through Streamlined Technology

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Today, health systems are being forced to leverage disparate data from internal and external sources to drive business intelligence solutions. And given the pressures for cost reduction in the supply chain, more leaders are looking at big data business intelligence solutions to support contracting and value analysis teams. With a focus on utilization, big data solutions can identify product fluctuations, uncover quality issues and procedural standardization variances. But implementing technology is not a magic bullet to solve your organization’s challenges. You must harness its power properly.
In this session, we’ll review some of the challenges of disparate technology systems and how data can be better synchronized to drive meaningful understandings that fuel decisions. Attendees will leave with the necessary tools and resources to better understand big data business intelligence solutions and how they can drive improvement in their supply chain.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Describe how IT and SC teams can work together to connect disparate data in order to identify actionable insights to improve outcomes, pinpoint variation and reduce costs.
  • Discover ways that SC can leverage IT to track supplies, reduce unwarranted variation and optimize par levels.
  • How to better connect IT and SC, ensuring that any technology bought will drive speed to value and will integrate with technology and processes already in use or help drive to leading practices.
  • Matt Shimshock, Vice President, Supply Chain Technology, Premier Inc.
  • Jason Ferri, Senior Director, IT Strategic Supplier Engagement/Portfolio Advisor
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