AHRMM On-Demand Webinar: Demand Planning: The Intersection of Patient and Product

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Health systems have successfully employed a best practice used outside of healthcare to improve the performance of its Supply Chain – Demand Planning.  Demand planning is the process of forecasting patient needs so supplies can be produced and delivered more efficiently to the satisfaction of customers. Demand planning is considered an essential step in supply chain planning in just about every industry but healthcare delivery. Demand planning should no longer be a foreign concept for health care providers. It has applicability to providers large and small and can return great results.
  • Recognize and demonstrate the need for demand planning in the surgical space and beyond
  • Demonstrate a critical need to integrate a surgical schedule directly to a manufacturer
  • Choose the right internal and external stakeholders to influence organizational buy-in
Anna Pinilla, Director, Network Strategic Sourcing, Contracting & Value Creation  Supply Chain Management, Westchester Medical Center*
Curtis Lancaster, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Westchester Medical Center Health Network*
*Formally at Dartmouth–Hitchcock Health