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Improving quality and efficiency while controlling cost is an imperative across healthcare. Health systems nationwide are adopting lean, a quality improvement philosophy, as an approach to meet this daunting challenge.
As health system leaders continue to focus on applying the lean philosophy to their original processes, there are still areas of waste that are in direct conflict with lean principles. One such example is intersite logistics, or healthcare transportation.  Without careful consideration, intersite logistics can easily include the duplication associated with multiple couriers traveling to the same location.  Other important items include chain of custody, redundant lab, pharmacy, print and mail logistics operations; overproduction in the lab due to specimen flow misalignment; lost/delayed specimens, equipment and/or supplies; extra inventory and capital equipment sitting idle, when they could be shared/used by other facilities; clinician time wasted waiting for delayed lab tests or needed equipment or supplies, to name a few.
This event will help define and identify healthcare transportation areas that can be modified with lean principles and provide tools and processes that can transform logistics into a more efficient and cost-effective system.
Learning Objectives:
•Assess and identify areas of logistics redundancy within your organization.
•Apply the tools and processes learned during the session to help transform your organization’s logistics into a Lean, better performing strategic asset.
•Develop standard operating practices (SOP) for compliance and ongoing management. 
•Quibulah Graham, Orlando Health
•Jake Crampton, MedSpeed