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The Heart of Leadership challenges the view that new tools, processes, and knowledge are enough to deliver the highest levels of safety, quality performance, employee engagement, and financial health. The book examines the leadership characteristics of ten transformational leaders from a variety of work environments who have had signficantly more success than many of their peers in similar circumstances. It is an inspirational, optimistic, and practical guide to leading transformational change.

The Heart of Leadership illustrates the important point that it is not what these leaders do as much as it is who they are. It looks at the common themes, values and work environments these ten transformational leaders have fostered. Interviews with each leader reveal their personal backgrounds, character-building experiences and individual beliefs. The interviews are interspersed with quotes from those with whom the leaders work, and include reflection points from the authors along with a model for transformational leadership, developed from a synthesis of the interviews.

The book provides useful insights by covering the most advanced and progressive health care leadership practices - where many leaders struggle. The book's examples can help readers strengthen their own leadership capabilities.