AHRMM On-Demand Webinar: Best Practices for Operating at the Intersection of Cost, Quality, and Outcomes: A Four Part Series

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In this four part webinar series, we will explore how supply chain leaders can transform CQO from a concept into a strategy.  Each 30 minute webinar will dive into a different best practice including capturing and applying alternative data sets, establishing a clinically integrated supply chain, and creating an outcomes-based contracting strategy.
In the first webinar, we learn why supply chains needs to evolve in the value-based care environment and the steps to become a clinically integrated supply chain.  
The second webinar breaks down new metrics that can be used to measure and improve upon CQO while walking through an example.  
In the third webinar, we hear from a physician as she discusses how to create a clinically integrated culture with physician engagement through a physician-led value analysis program.
The final webinar takes contracting to the next level by looking at how to know if your organization is ready for outcomes-based contracting and a test model to follow when implementing the strategy.  
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This webinar series is sponsored by CQO Sponsor, Nexera, Inc.
Part 1:  Transformational Supply Chain Practices for a Value-Based Environment
Speaker: Christopher J. O’Connor, President and CEO, Acurity, Inc. and Nexera, Inc.
Part 2: Capturing and Applying Alternative Supply Chain Data Sets
Speaker: Jeffrey Ashkenase, Executive Vice President, Acurity, Inc. and Nexera, Inc.

Part 3: Creating a Clinically Integrated Supply Chain Culture
Speakers: Dr. Kristin Boehm, Physician Advisor, Nexera, Inc. and practicing plastic surgeon
Sandra Monacelli, RN, Vice President, Nexera, Inc.

Part 4: Creating an Outcomes-Based Contracting Strategy
Speaker: Jeffrey Ashkenase, Executive Vice President, Acurity, Inc. and Nexera, Inc.