ASHHRA On-Demand Webinar: Teaching Ethnocultural Empathy to Reduce Health Disparities

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Health professional education programs are increasingly attuned to the need for the health care workforce to reflect the growing racial, ethnic and economic diversity of the U.S. population. Only with transformative learning can health professionals apply their competency-based training and address the dynamic needs of an increasingly diverse patient population amidst a shifting and complex health landscape. Ethnocultural empathy is empathy towards racial and ethnic minorities, and is a requisite competency in eliminating racial/ethnic health disparities.
This on-demand webinar will provide participants with a few key applications from the new, research-informed curriculum at the George Washington (GW) School of Medicine and Health Services. To create this new curriculum, GW faculty led a mixed-methods study to determine course format and content most suitable for teaching and assessing empathy among traditional and non-traditional learners working with racial and ethnic minorities in a range of health care settings.
  1. Describe ethnocultural empathy as a measurable competency of a health care professional. 
  2. Identify real-world applications from the GW School of Medicine and Health Services new curriculum.
  3. Name a diverse and caring health care workforce as a priority for health equity.
Dr. Maranda C. Ward
Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Research and Leadership, George Washington (GW) School of Medicine
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