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The comprehensive reference source for analysis and comparison of hospital trends in utilization, personnel and finances in U.S. community hospitals for selected years from 1946 to 2013.  Data comes from the AHA Annual Surveys of Hospitals and U.S. Census Bureau population data. 
Data includes:
  • Five year trends for utilization, personnel and finances for 2009-2013 by total U.S., bed size, U.S. Census division and State
  • Facilities and services by U.S. Census Division and state for 2013
  • Community health indicators by U.S. Census Division and Metropolitan Statistics Area with 2013 Fiscal year hospital data
  • U.S. Community hospital wall chart (poster)
Hospital Statistics is used by health care provider organizations, research and strategic planning firms, consulting and finance firms, academic organizations and hospitals for comparative marketplace analysis and trend analysis and research.