AHA Hospital Landscape Change 2022 Report, PDF Format

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Each year the American Hospital Association administers a survey of United States hospitals to inform the field on ownership, services, utilization, expenses, and staffing characteristics of hospitals. We learn of hospital additions, closures, mergers, and status changes along the way. Those changes are the foundation of AHA Landscape Changes, a reconciliation between two AHA Annual Survey years. This report was created in 2022 and is based on the AHA Annual Survey of fiscal year 2021.
Why use AHA Landscape Changes?
  • Learn whether the number of AHA hospitals increased or decreased during the year.
  • Identify which removed hospitals closed, changed to an outpatient facility, or merged with another hospital.
  • Gain insight into organizational changes through a list of merged hospitals and their ‘parent/child’ relationships.
We invite you to use AHA Landscape Changes for your internal insight and research.
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